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Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction and Environment - From Risk to Resilience

The Integrated Disaster Risk Reduction and Environment (IDRRE) Project, launched in January 2023, aimed to enhance community resilience by identifying and mitigating the risks associated with landslides and earthquakes. Key objectives included capacity building, the development of resilient structures, public awareness on disaster preparedness, and policy re-framing. The project sought to bridge the gap between communities and government organizations while promoting Child-Centered Disaster Risk Reduction (CCDRR).

Project areas: 



  1. Goke I

  2. Rangit I

  1. Sindebong

  2. Bhalukhop

Project Sponsored by:

Caritas Germany

Project Leader:

Aachal Tamang

Team Members:

Mr. Brandon C. Sherpa

Ms. Srijana Gurung

Mr. Albin Gurung

Mr. Sidhant Chettri

Mrs. Flowrin Sada Lepcha

Project Gallery

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