DATE: 18th September 2019

Venue: Anugyalaya DDSSS, Loreto Convent Road, Darjeeling


Since the initiation of child rights project from 2013 we have come across many children who have gone through various physical, psychological and mental problems. Conducting sessions on child rights and protection, good and bad touch was not enough to address the problem. When we conducted sessions in schools with various students, we came to know that there are children who’s been victims of physical, mental and sexual abuse by the adults especially by their very own brothers, uncles and even fathers. It was not possible to give counselling training to all these children. All these children who came forward were identified as victims yet there could be those many that didn’t have the courage to come forward and share. Equipping the teachers of different schools is a strategy to reach out to many students. As NGO staff we would not be able to identify and address the children but a teacher who knows the children very well can identify the behavioural change in the children and find out the reasons and help and counsel the children. There were total 62 participants from different schools from Darjeeling. The resource person of the day was Mrs. Sarawati Koirala, a Ph.d student from Allahabad University who’s got years of rich experience in child and adolescent counselling not just among Nepalese inhabitants but north and west India as well.